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Trilogy of 'M' - 3 book set - Marked, Trust and Hope


Marked by Marlene  Frere

Fiery redhead Keara Graham had no desire to acquire any emotional baggage, or pursue the silly interference or basic controls of romantic entanglements. She was on a path that she’d researched, calculated, and plotted since university.

It went like this:
•    become a lawyer;
•    become a partner, and;
•    become a judge.

She had joined the firm of Garner and White and, with the efforts she was putting into building her clientele and her cases, she expected to make partner ahead of schedule.
Then she met RCMP Sergeant Scott DuBois, and now her plan was in serious jeopardy.

•    Because she was compellingly attracted to him;  
•    Because he made her feel safe, and;
•    Because he knew someone was trying to kill her.

Someone.  Someone she doesn’t know, for some unknown
reason - wants her gone.

Did that mean she had to put aside her plan to save her life?