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The Last Bull at Raymond


The Last Bull at Raymond by Nancy Jane

A gifted young Shaman is trying to protect a friend and solve the mysterious disappearances of young women.

Jedidiah Fox is 6’7”, and strikingly unusual in appearance, some would say ugly, especially his own people.
He is best friends with Morgan Miller, a socially outcast brain-damaged cowboy.  
When strange circumstances twist Morgan into a life-altering situation, Jedidiah and his grandfather, the Chief, have to guide him safely through situations that even they have little experience with.
At the same time, they have to try and recover what has been stolen from Morgan and keep him safe from those who have wanted him dead for many years.

To complicate things further, young women, including Morgan’s girlfriend, Wanda Eagle Child have been disappearing from the area for several years.
Jedidiah and the Chief have their suspicions, but they do not have all the facts and the evidence they need to be believed.  As they try to obtain this evidence, they, are also in danger, possibly more than Morgan, due to the long-standing hatred their enemies have for them.
A hatred that found its birth in family secrets.

As they all work together to try and correct the wrongs perpetrated on Morgan and solve the mystery of the missing women, the family secrets start to unravel, coming to a fatal conclusion. Will this help them find the missing women and, if so, will they ever be able to come home?