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Soul's Beginning


Soul's Beginning by J. J. Johnson

Teenager Jackie Morgan’s life has been turned upside down and sideways when she meets the boy next door and embarks upon a terrifying journey.

Jackie’s life is forever changed when her mom and new husband move her and her brother to a new town in Alberta from Vancouver. Not very popular or socially skilled, Jackie is even more worried about fitting in at a new school when all she wants is to be happy. This worry is compounded when Jackie has an unfortunate accident the first day of classes; an accident that introduces her to the hottest hunk at her school, Tristan.

A renaissance man, he is kinder and wiser than the other teenage boys. He’s also  Jackie’s next door neighbour. After an awkward first meeting, they are drawn to one another like magnets which sets Jackie up as a target for the school mean girl and her posse. Now it’s not a question of being popular or liked but one of surviving school on a daily basis.

Unknown to Jackie, Tristan has some pretty big secrets of his own which will lead to his terrifying transformation into something Jackie can no longer recognize.. He is unable to be the kind and caring boy she had come to know. Jackie becomes even more terrified when she finds out that she is the only one who can save him. Will she succeed? If she does, will the mean girls find a way to make sure she pays such a high price that she will never find happiness?