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Mosquito by Vance F. Lavalle

The German occupation of Poland in 1944 had yet to reach 15-year-old Canev and his parents on their farm, but the German bombs that killed his mother and destroyed their home changed everything. Father and son sought refuge with relatives in Warsaw, only to find themselves trapped in unlivable conditions in the bombed-out, walled section of the city, the living hell of ‘The Ghetto’. A place under constant patrol and attack from the Nazis with a mission to eventually exterminate all, predominately Jewish, Ghetto refugees.

But how much is too much? How long can fear survive in the face of cruelty and evil? Until all is lost, and there is nothing left to fear losing. Nothing left but anger that knows no limits,and retribution that knows no age. Canev was left lost in such anger, and it meant nothing to the German Nazi war machine - until it did. This is one of a thousand unknowable stories of a Warsaw Ghetto that saw and experienced the unimaginable.

“…and a little child shall lead them...Isaiah 11:6”