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Flying Kites


Flying Kites by Nancy Jane

In 1999, TJ Hunter did not care if she lived any longer.  In terms of wealth she had been blessed beyond her wildest dreams but, in terms of happiness, she was sure she had been cursed.
Overlooked as an irrelevant girl as a child, she had finally found her perfect life, only to have it wrenched from her grasp in wave after wave of grief.
Now, still numb from loss, she is forced to face a life-threatening illness and she just doesn’t care if she survives.

As she is sitting in her doctor’s office, TJ has a chance encounter with a magazine article about hockey legend Wayne Gretzky retiring.
The article sparks something deep inside her memory and strange things start to happen, catapulting TJ on a magical journey in an attempt to recover from the horrors of her past and face the uncertainty of her future.
Can TJ find the spirit within her to go on with living? Can the horrors of the past somehow be laid to rest as two stories of loss become entwined and reach a surprising conclusion?   
Are there any answers to questions that have been floating on the wind, like lost kites, for so many years?