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Book 2 of the Trilogy of 'M' - Trust


Trust by Marlene  Frere

Trust didn't come easy for Lynda Callaway. Years of abuse would do that to a girl, but now she was starting to spread her adventurous wings, just a little bit, after shedding the weight of her hateful ex-husband, Zack. Baby steps, but she would take them with the support of her divorce lawyer and now best friend, Keara.

But had she really shed Zack's weight or was he seeking revenge that was beyond the bounds of anything reasonable? Beginners luck and fear for her safety, as Zack escalates, introduces her to RCMP officer, Nate Burke. With Nate’s help maybe she can learn to trust:

•    Trust her instincts;
•    Trust her strength, and;
•    Trust the love others have for her.

As the terror of Zack's intentions unfold the exact depths and meaning of his determination to annihilate Lynda takes on a more ancient meaning that spirals Lynda, Nate, Keara, and Scott into a battle of the millennia that they aren't even aware of.

With deadly consequences.