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Book 3 of the Trilogy of 'M' - Hope


Hope by Marlene  Frere

In the world, there lurks something dark, something subversive yet utterly real and distressingly normal to most.
Humans are desensitized to the plots and manipulations that clothe them in the guise of the right and good. Who can be trusted? Who cannot?

RCMP Sergeant Scott DuBois has visions that often shine a bright light on evil disguised as good. He hates them because:

•    They render him helpless;
•    They are graphic and brutal, and:
•    They leave him exhausted.

This last one portrayed a murder so heinous even his experiences as a cop could not prepare him. Worse yet, he victim was to be the woman he loved.

Once again, Keara was in grave danger, and no one knew why.
Two strangers arrive in town.  One stranger is handsome, pleasing to the eye, yet almost invisible as he weaves in and out of sight like a shadow on a cloudy day. The ‘other’ who claims to be there to help Scott and Keara understand and to protect them, in possession of ancient journals and knowledge of a battle in which they are unknowing participants in; a strange woman with secrets, who Scott doesn’t trust.

New knowledge brings new fears.  Who is the real enemy and who can be trusted?  Can the depths of long forgotten love, from the unlikeliest of sources, bring hope to the town and the world?